Frequently Asked Questions

Who or what is Ubik Media?

Ubik Media is mostly, but not exclusively, Omar Kamel and whoever he deems necessary to carry out a project to the specs required, and to the best quality possible within the budget allowed. I try to cut down your costs, and prefer the comfort of a small crew to the brute force of a large crew. This keeps stress levels down and accountability high and, more to the point, saves you money.

Why the name Ubik Media?

The name Ubik is derived from the word Ubiquitous (meaning existing or being everywhere, esp. at the same time) and is taken from the Philip K. Dick novel ‘Ubik’, published in 1969. In the novel, the characters find themselves in a world that’s decaying back through time before their very eyes. However, a saviour-force manifests itself to them, though jingles and ads, and apparently trivial forms, and is revealed to be a benign force trying desperately to save their lives. In case this explanation seems familiar, it’s because the name origin is also explained on the home page 😉

Can You Send Me a Budget Proposal?

We’d love to, but to do that, we have to have a pretty good idea of what you want. Think of how much a single word like ‘dinosaur’ on a script can impact the budget, and you’ll see where we’re going with this. The better you are at telling us what you want, the more we can help you. If you don’t know what you need, but know what you want to achieve, then let’s talk. Email us and we’ll get in touch, then we can have a chat or a meet, and we’ll help you work out what you need and make sure it doesn’t break the bank…even if it is a dinosaur.

What Else Do You Do?

Pro Bono, and usually uncredited videos for the downtrodden, of which, unfortunately, there are still far too many. Occasional Pro Bono web sites for good (and clearly destitute) causes stuck with bad ones. Writing.

I want a video / photo session / soundtrack / speech!

That’s a statement, not a question 🙂  Having said that, please use the Contact Form to get the ball rolling 🙂

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