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Omar Kamel has released three retail albums (Shabaka, SunDance, & MoonRise) and two online collections – the freely downloadable electronic album titled “A Fish Called Valis” and “SeptiC”, an album of English Rock, Pop, and Alternative tracks.

Mamnou3 El Initizar

Omar is now preparing to release an album of Arabic songs, titled ‘Mamnou3 El Initizar’. The tracklist so far includes the tracks ‘Shafshaq’, ‘El Wa7sh El Motamadin’, ‘Be3eed’, ‘Ghali’, ‘Tadrib’, and a few other surprises.

This is not production-line music, let’s be very clear about that…Lyrics were not passed on from a jaded writer to a commercial composer who then passed it off to a slick arranger and a star vocalist. The songs in Mamnou3 El Intizar are, for better or worse, sung and composed by the same guy who wrote them. The music is a mix of modern rock and Arabic instrumentals, and the lyrics are free flowing rhythmic verse, sometimes sung, sometimes not – with themes otherwise neglected in much of Egyptian music.

"His album “Moonrise” is a traveller's must-have. The song “Running Up a Dune” contains harmonious infusions that will transfer you to an ecstatic feel."

Reem Gamil

What Women Want Magazine


The Angel See

Instrumental vignettes or soundtracks to fictional scenes? The Angel See is a collection of instrumentals evocative of strange moods, released under the alias KarmaMole.


The other side of SunDance, so to speak, Moonrise collects ten new groove-laden lunar-sublimated tracks and a remix of Purr-Caution. You can listen to more from Moonrise here.


Initially released with the WDA DVD by Keti Sharif, and co-produced by her, Sundance contains dancy electronic sounds and live instrumentation. Give it a listen!

A Fish Called VALIS

We understand that you’ve had trouble keeping things in-mind, and in-noos – and that things may fall to the left of your aorta. We have the cure, and it is A Fish Called VALIS.


Co-produced with Yanni Giovanos. Shabaka was Egypt’s first ever electronic music album and fused elements from Egyptian media with live and electronic instrumentation.


SeptiC – created under the band name of Goldfish Euphoria is basically Guitar-Rock Electronic Pop. Sonically diverse experiments in rock/pop, some more polished than others.



We can provide custom made music or soundtracks for films, tv shows, video games, and other media productions.

Voice Overs

Have a production that needs a voice over? We can provide you with voice talents, and quick results.