Latest Work

More Fool You | Doc & The Revelators | AI Music Video

AI-Generated music video I created for the band Doc & The Revelators. Doc Neale gave me the track, and I interpreted it into a set of prompts, and used custom Stable Diffusion checkpoint models and a custom LORA to get this visual look. Created the animation on a local installation of Automatic1111 running the deforum extension, and applied post-effects in Davinci Resolve. 

7 Black | Lunch Box | Branding & Advertising Concepts

I made This branding and advertising concept package for 7 Black, a high-end burger chain. My design captures a bold, innovative spirit, blending gourmet quality with accessible luxury. Within this presentation, I’ve created unique brand logo options and an engaging but production-light advertising campaign, carving a niche in the culinary universe. 

Portfolio 30

Ninja Bunnies are No Joke | Personal Project | Print-On-Demand Poster Series

Presenting a whimsical print-on-demand poster series I’ve designed, featuring adorable ninja bunnies! Each poster is a playful blend of charm and stealth, showcasing these fluffy warriors in various ninja maneuvers. Perfect for adding a dash of cuteness and a sense of adventure to any space, these posters promise to delight viewers of all ages.

Get Savage | Savage Impulse | Promo Video

Promotional video for my creative agency brand in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Using clips from previous productions and the logo that I created for the brand. Savage Impulse offers various services; video production, AI graphics, photography, 360 virtual tours for real estate clients, print design, and more. 

Kitchen | Metro Markets | Social Media Advert

Social Media adverts for Metro Markets in Egypt, done to promote their fresh meat delivery service and tweaked from a concept by Metro Markets themselves. A series of two adverts, this one featuring a new bride in her kitchen talking to her mom, the other featuring a man on a treadmill in a resort talking to his couch. This is the 40-second version, 15-second cut downs were also made for both adverts.

El Sa7el | Metro Markets | Social Media Advert

Social Media adverts for Metro Markets in Egypt, done to promote their fresh meat delivery service and tweaked from a concept by Metro Markets themselves. A series of two adverts, this one featuring a man on a treadmill in a resort talking to his couch, the other featuring a girl talking to her mother while cooking. This is the 45-second version, 15-second cut-downs were also made for both adverts.

Portfolio 31

Philip K. Dick Alt Covers | Personal Project | Book Cover Designs

A set of alternative book cover designs for some of my favorite Philip K. Dick books. I made alternative designs for more than 10 of his books. Mostly for my own pleasure, but partly as a test to see how well AI-Generated art can be utilized in a real scenario. These were all made using MidJourney, upscaled in Topaz Gigapixel, and then finalized in Adobe Illustrator. 

CentrePoint Ramadan | Centrepoint UAE | YouTube Bumpers

Produced a series of 30 YouTube Centrepoint bumpers for the Modern Media Factory in Dubai, UAE. These captivating short videos engage viewers with Centrepoint’s vibrant brand identity and messaging and snappy animations, seamlessly blending entertainment and promotion.

What’s Metro’s Secret!? | Metro Markets | TV Commercial

TV Commercial for Metro Markets in Egypt. Made to highlight the products made by the new central processing kitchen and the quality it offers to customers through the entire Metro network including their three main chains; Kheir Zaman, Metro Markets, and Fresh Food Markets.

Ree7 Comics | Personal Project | Arabic Comic Book Series

This is a comic book I’ve penned, brought to life by the dynamic illustrations of Sherif Sami. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Cairo’s streets, it unveils the gripping journey of a young street orphan. Grappling with newfound powers and ensnared in a conflict of good and evil, he must discover his destiny. Three issues have been completed so far.

Portfolio 35

Website | Savage Impulse | Creative Agency Website

Fully responsive website designed and developed for our Dubai-based creative agency. Built on the powerful Divi framework and utilizing WordPress, our site showcases the brand’s unique identity and services and features seamless navigation and captivating visuals.

Portfolio 36

Customer Journey | Swarovski | Explainer Video

Eye-catching explainer video crafted for Swarovski’s sales team in Dubai. Showcasing the new customer journey experience and the innovative Muse mobile platform, we employ vivid visuals and clear messaging to communicate its unique features. Video cannot be displayed for propriety reasons.

Metro CPU | Metro Markets | Social Media Video

Explore the cutting-edge Metro CPU food processing facility in this engaging video created for our client, Mansour Holdings Company. Witness advanced technology, automation, and sustainable practices in action as we unveil the inner workings of this industry leader. The video showcases their skilled workforce, diverse product portfolio, and commitment to quality.

Portfolio 37

Customer Journey | Tanagra | Whiteboard Explainer Video

The refined customer journey for Tanagra explained to the sales team through our black and white whiteboard animation video. Employing compelling visuals and clear explanations, we skillfully illustrate the enhancements in the retail experience. Video cannot be displayed for propriety reasons.

El Wa7sh El Kasir | Personal Project | AI Music Video

Immerse yourself in the visually stunning music video for “El Wa7sh El Kasir” from my album Mamnou3 El Intizar. Featuring graphics generated by MidJourney AI, transformed into 2.5/3D using LeiaPix, and expertly edited in DaVinci Resolve.

Life is On | Schneider Electric | Social Media Promo

Delve into our skillfully edited video for Dubai-based Modern Media Factory (MMF). Provided with raw footage, we crafted the final product using Adobe Premiere.

Portfolio 38

The Samsara Collective | 5D Egypt | Branding & Graphical Assets

Branding project for The Samsara Collective, a poignant VR experience highlighting the journey of refugees from the MENA region to Europe. From creating the name and logo to developing graphical assets and providing creative consultancy, our work showcases a powerful visual identity that evokes empathy and understanding for the refugee experience.

Metro Revamp | Metro Markets | Social Media Video

Experience the captivating transformation of Metro Stores in Egypt through our expertly-produced video. Showcasing their modern, consumer-centric design and layout, we visually illustrate the brand’s commitment to elevating the shopping experience for its customers.