Located in Dubai, and sometimes in Cairo, I offer a range of high-quality video production services designed to match your budgets and exceed your expectations. I make corporate videos, explainers videos, and social media content.

I’m also a photographer, graphic designer, and writer.


Video Production

Corporate videos, explainer videos for CX presentations and training, Public Awareness videos and documentaries, social media videos, and more.


I make you look good, and have a long track record with corporate photography, hospitality, product photography, and head-shots.

Graphic Design

Print advertising, corporate brochures and newsletters, branding and corporate identities. If you’re putting it on a screen or on paper, I can help.


Luxery, Corporate, Retail, and Governments.

In Dubai, I’ve worked with clients such as Cartier, formating their content for usage in the Dubai Mall, and with Swarovski and Tanagra, creating explainer videos used to explain customer journeys to their marketing teams. I’ve also worked with Centerpoint, creating bumper campaigns for their Ramadan promotions for use on YouTube. Some of this work was done under contract for the UAE offices of Publicis Groupe.

Remotely, I’ve worked with Christie’s of New York, helping them with Arabic translations for their online educational content.

In Egypt, I’ve worked with The Coca-Cola Company, creating a broadcast advertisement for their International Water Day celebrations, and with The Mansour Group, the largest privately-owned family business, on countless video productions and Corporate Social Responsibility materials.

For a more comprehensive look, take a look at the gallery of clients and projects below.

  • Cartier
    Mall Advertising Videos
  • Swarovski
    Explainer Videos for CX
  • Christies Education
    Arabic Translations & Subtitling
  • Tanagra
    Explainer Videos for CX
  • Publicis Groupe
    Video Editing
  • Coca-Cola
    World Water Day | PSA Advert
  • Mansour Holdings
    Corporate Video / PSA Campaigns
  • Transparency International
    Action Project: 18 Documentary Videos on Corruption
  • Coldwell Banker
    CB Academy Advert
  • International Labor Organization
    Working Mothers: Documentary
  • Orient Productions
    Urban Visions & D-CAF Documentaries, Video Adverts
  • Egyptian Ministry of Education
    PSA Campaign for Literacy



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